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The maintenance of ATV garden box trailer

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     ATV garden box trailer is now widely used in horticultural production activities of a basic transport equipment, can achieve the transfer of small tools, for the convenience of production activities have a very important role.Today to learn about the basic maintenance of the product, the following to a simple understanding.
     1、Prohibit overloading, ground conditions allow the use of cement, flooring, paint, it is necessary to pay attention to choose the right wheels.
     2、The correct loading of goods; maintenance of the life of the opponent cart has played a very important role, do not wait until the failure of the trolley, and then think of maintenance, repair costs at that time is very high;And maintenance good carts is safety work to ensure efficient, because maintenance can make the trolley at the best working state.
     3、In the preventive maintenance plan, do not forget the cleaning of the trolley, pay attention to the surface damage, regular maintenance.

     The above is for everyone finishing share on the ATV garden box trailer maintenance questions, if you need equipment, welcome to buy lincjohn.

The maintenance of ATV garden box trailer

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