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How to choose the ATV wood shredder chipper

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    ATV wood shredder chipper equipment mainly used for agricultural production activities and basic wood processing work, help the many production activities to save the working hours, reduce the working pressure of enterprise. The quality of timber disintegrator equipment does not work, the effect is not nearly the same, today take you to a specific check, how to choose wood splintered machine equipment, the following specific know.
    1、Check the power equipment, by supporting the specification and view machine equipment nameplate, specific models and use power limit is usually marked on the product. We can according to the needs of production activities to carry out the selection of products, if the need to crush the raw material variety, you need a large power equipment.
    2、The discharging method view wood disintegrator, usually used discharging mode is divided into self blanking, suction feeding and conveying machinery three basic mode of production. Generally small single device usually adopts the way of the material to feed the material. And medium-sized mills mostly with a suction feeding device has the advantages of finished products can be sucked moisture, reduce the waste of humidity is favorable for storage.
    3、According to the processing of raw materials to choose the raw material of  wood shredder chipper is the key, according to the hardness and texture of raw materials is different, the corresponding wood powder machine selection will be affected.

    The above is about the ATV wood shredder chipper products of some simple tips to buy analysis and explanation, if you need more product information, welcome you to come to lincjohn.

How to choose the ATV wood shredder chipper

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