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How to repair the ATV wood shredder chipper

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       ATV wood shredder chipper is a kind of widely used mechanical equipment, has a wide range of applications and market development space, today I take a look at some simple wood crushing machine maintenance notice here with Xiaobian to look at it together.
       1、During the overhaul and assembly process, when the hammer piece is changed to turn around and use, only the individual hammer is changed, which will cause the strong vibration of the mill operation. The solution is to change the surface of all the hammers in the mill.
     2、The corresponding two groups of weight is not balanced. When the difference of weight more than 5 grams, wood crusher running strong vibration. Solution is to adjust the position of the hammer, to ensure that the corresponding two sets of hammer weight difference is not more than 5 grams.
     3、ATV wood shredder chipper is not flexible enough. ATV wood shredder chipper card too tight, at runtime without bypassing can also cause the body strong vibration. The solution is that after the machine is stopped, the hammer pieces are rotated by hand, so that the hammer piece rotates flexibly.

       Above is about the failure of the ATV wood shredder chipper repair methods, our company specializing in the production and supply of high-quality ATV wood shredder chipper, you are welcome to come to the purchase, sincerely look forward to your arrival.

How to repair the ATV wood shredder chipper

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