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Guide for the operation of Self propelled manua

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Self propelled manual corn seeding machine with uniform seeding. Depth of agreement. Spacing stability, cover earth good save seeds. Higher working efficiency characteristics. The correct use of self propelled manual corn seeding machine should pay attention to the following points:

Do a good job in the maintenance before entering the field work. The opener to clean up the debris and sowing box on the grass. Soil, to ensure a good state, and the transmission of the tractor and the seeding machine. The rotating parts, according to the instructions of the requirements of the filling of lubricating oil, in particular, should pay attention to the transmission chain lubrication and tension, as well as the tightening of the bolt on the seed machine.

Wheat, corn sowing machine and tractor hang up, not to tilt, the work should make the rack before and after the level of state.

Do a good job of adjusting. In accordance with the provisions of manual and agronomic requirements, sowing amount, spacing will opener. The depth adjustment of ditching soil covering press round proper.

Pay attention to add a good seed. Join the seeds of the seed box, to no small, shriveled, miscellaneous, in order to ensure the seed; secondly seed box and a plus at least to cover the row box entrance, to ensure a smooth.

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