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Self propelled manual corn seeding machine Increas

Time:2016-07-15 Source:

The use of Self propelled manual corn seeding machine, greatly enhance the income of farmers, planting and harvesting more convenient and efficient.

The seeding device is suitable for working on the soil after tillage, and is suitable for seeding various crops. Labor efficiency by more than three times higher than the traditional method of manual sowing, can shorten the duration of labor, according to season timely sowing, not to miss the farming season, increase the income of crop production. In large can not achieve the mechanization sowing half a mountainous area and hilly areas have more advantages.

A lot of advantages, it can ensure the survival rate of the seed, but also to do each pit have seed, to avoid the waste of seed, greatly increased the output value, to achieve the maximum output. The application of the seeding device can solve the people's hard work, and greatly reduce the fatigue.

Therefore, the state vigorously advocate the use of self propelled manual corn seeding machine.

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