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How to reduce the noise of the ATV wood shredder c

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ATV wood shredder chipper is my factory production of a disc type of cutting processing machinery and equipment, the machine is mainly cutting by the blade, on the cutting machine in the use of, there will be some noise, we explain how to reduce noise.

1, wood in processing, after cutting material to impinge on the inner wall of the machine, strong noise, we through adding wear-resisting lining board to deal with the clatter of noise.

2, over the plate and into the hopper of the driving surface, add and rack enclosure cover the damping can be decreased great noise radiated from a surface.

3, ATV wood shredder chipper at work, feeding speed can not be too slow or too fast, feeding too slow but the noise will greater, feeding too fast machine load increases, production speed down to machine blade wear degree is not.

If you have more requirements on the ATV wood shredder chipper, welcome to our company to understand.

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